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5 Tips for Designing Your Office Space for Maximum Productivity

When we search for approaches to help efficiency, we usually consider tools like automation to save some extra minutes. But, according to a study it is proven that office design hugely affects the productivity of the employees. Here are 5 tips for how to design your office to ensure maximum productivity.


Lighting is one of the most significant factors in remaining focused and feeling energized, yet it’s one of the most disregarded and least focused. Terrible lighting can cause dullness, eye fatigue, migraines, and therefore low productivity. In fact, Dark spaces can lead to depression.

Office Chair and Office Desk

If you’ve sat at an office desk to complete a task but found yourself continuously moving, bending and crouching, again and again, to really stay focused, then you surely know the importance of having a perfectly crafted table and chair. At this time, where such a large number of us are sitting for the most part of our day, it is important that your chair suits you and provides you comfort. Stellar’s range of chairs not only serves the purpose, but it is highly adjustable to provide maximum comfort.

Room Color

The colors around each one of us affect our mind-sets and brain work. It inspires both a physical and a passionate reaction. So picking the correct colors for your workspace can influence your efficiency. For example, blue has been considered to reduce efficiency. Mind you, a lot of anything can be overpowering, even the colors.


Storage is just the last thing you think about in office layout, yet it is a significant factor to get ready for.
Despite using paperless arrangements, for example, cloud storage, finding various sorts of physical storage to save the room in your office while keeping everything properly set up. Obviously, picking the correct kind of furniture can help with this issue. Made of superior quality material, Stellar provides a wide range of storage options to tailor-fit your office storage needs.

Coffee Tables

Our brain needs nourishment to stay put and to keep going. Especially when we need to stay focused on our goal. Therefore, it is a great idea to have a Coffee table set up in your office to help your employees reset and recharge for maximum productivity. Stellar is one of the best Office Furniture Manufacturer who can design the furniture absolutely fitted to your needs.
But remember, sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. So, after putting up all the main elements into your office design, it is important to focus on the small things to bring everything together.

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